Valvona & Crolla in Jenners, Princes Street

23 Oct

Score: 4/5

Best for: A Shopping Spree Pit Stop

Wow Factor:  Fantastic views of Prince’s Street Gardens (through anti-pigeon netting)

Prices: Cappuccino £2.25; Tea £2.25

This café is the perfect antidote to the hectic Prince’s Street crowds.  Navigate your way to the far corner of the Valvona & Crolla delicatessen and you’ll find yourself at a small cafe with a table that runs along the window.  The seating here is limited and it can be hard to find a space on a busy day, but it’s well worth it.  The views across Prince’s Street Gardens are wonderful, particularly in December with all the beautiful lights of the fair and the Christmas Market.  Both the tea and the coffee are good but what I enjoy most is the chocolate cake, which is to die for and comes highly recommended.  I wouldn’t recommend this place for more than two people because the seating arrangement does not lend itself to groups, with everyone sitting in a row.  This cafe is only let down by its service.  The staff themselves are very pleasant, but they always seem over stretched.  You are left standing around for a while for your coffee before you can go and sit down which feels a little strange.  If the coffee was brought to you at your seat once ordered, this place would get full marks but I think they’d need more staff for that.

Overall, this café has a great atmosphere and good quality produce.  It is definitely worth a visit if you’re getting stressed out by hordes of shoppers!


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