The Fruitmarket Gallery Café, Market Street

27 Oct

Score: 5/5

Perfect for: Taking your mum out for tea

Prices: Cappuccino £2.55, Tea £1.85 , Cake £1.95

The Fruitmarket Gallery is one of my favorite places in Edinburgh.  Not only is it a fantastic contemporary art gallery with constantly changing exhibitions, it also has a fabulous bookshop packed with quirky books you won’t find anywhere else and one of the best cafés in Edinburgh.  You are seated and served at a table so there is no stress involved.  Just sit down, make your order and relax.  As for the order itself, the cakes are delectable, their coffee is perfectly good and tea is served in a tea-pot with a tea-cup, a necessity in my eyes.  Try their rhubarb tart with crème fraiche and root ginger, or their orange & almond polenta cake.  Yum.

The Fruitmarket Gallery Café may dissapoint slightly if you are a coffee or tea purist, but it ticks enough boxes to get full marks from me.  It’s right next to Waverley train station, so if you’re travelling anywhere, schedule in some extra time to pop in.  It’s also a great place to bring your parents if they come up to visit, trust me they’ll love it.  A little bit of luxury in the centre of town.

Their current exhibition, Martin Creed’s ‘Down Over Under’, finishes on Sunday so go quickly!  It’s a fun and interactive exhibition that “focuses on stacking and progression in size, height and tone” (  It has musical stairs and a singing lift.  You just can’t beat that.  Take a group of friends, have fun trying to make some music, then eat cake.

The Fruitmarket Gallery on Urbanspoon


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