Eteaket, Frederick Street

11 Nov

Score: 3/5

Specialises in: Wonderful Tea

Price: Tea £2.10-2.85; cappuccino £2.35; Cake £1.85

In Eteaket you can, without doubt, have a fantastic cup of tea.  They treat tea very seriously with a great ceremony which enhances the whole tea drinking experience wonderfully.  There is also a boutique where you can purchase leaf tea, along with a whole lot of tea related paraphernalia.

What lets it down are all the things surrounding the tea particularly the cake and the service.  They do have table service, but three times I’ve been there, been sat down with a menu and waited so long for my order that I had to get up and find someone who would take it, even when it’s not busy.  This rather defeats the point and is very frustrating.  The cakes are nothing to write home about, I’ve tried various different types and haven’t been amazed by anything.  Their scones are large and dry, and the above croissant was OK but not great.

The décor is lovely, but somehow I find that the hard modernity of it jars with their equally lovely chintz tableware.  I understand why they went for a very modern look, they didn’t want it to feel like your grandmother’s living room, but somehow, for me it doesn’t work.  Either they should have gone one way or the other, chintz or modern, but not both.

On weekends, this café is absolutely ram packed, service is not good and you end up feeling flustered as opposed to relaxed.  I’d suggest purchasing their tea, then drinking it at home.  During the week however, if you get the chance to go during the day, it is actually very nice.  It is quiet, they have free wi-fi, their tables are a good size for solo working and you can sit with a wonderful pot of tea without feeling rushed.  Don’t order cake, you’ll only be disappointed.

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2 Responses to “Eteaket, Frederick Street”

  1. Rosemary Kaye July 24, 2011 at 6:34 AM #

    Absolutely agree – tried it once, won’t be going back. Far too crowded, no space between the tables, and we too had to go and find someone to take our order – very disorganised and cakes v disappointing.

  2. Claire September 21, 2012 at 9:38 AM #

    Agreed, went once, will never return. the sad thing is they are taking no notice of this constant negative feedback and making no attempt to improve things. Sounds like they don’t really care that much.

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