Saint Giles’ Café, St Giles’ Street

20 Nov

Score: 3/5

Best For: An evening coffee

Price: cappuccino £2.50; Tea £2.50; Cakes £1.90 – £2.90

This café’s interior is beautiful.  They have left the walls unplastered and the stonework is just lovely.  The floor to ceiling windows allow plenty of light, but it still feels warm and cosy inside.  Another great bonus of this place is that it is open until late so if you want to go out with a friend but don’t fancy the pub or a bar, this is a great place.  You can get alcoholic drinks here as well as a late night coffee, and it lacks the abrasive music that ruin many bars in the evening.

On the downside the coffee, tea are mediocre, and the choice of cakes is not exactly mouth-watering.  Having said that, I wouldn’t rule this place out because it can be very atmospheric in the evening and it is somewhere I love to visit with friends.

St Giles' Café Bar on Urbanspoon


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