The Storytelling Café, Royal Mile

24 Nov

Score: 3/5

Great for: Watching the world go by / Families with small children

Price: Cappuccino £2.25; Tea £1.85; Cake £1.85-3.25

This lovely little café, which can be found inside the Scottish Storytelling Center, is a great spot for some delicious cake!  Above you’ll see an absolutely delicious raspberry & almond tart, which was perfect for casting off those wet winter blues.  They have an enormous selection, all displayed in a tantalising and beautiful fashion at the counter.   The coffee here is not good, I ordered a cappuccino and it was too hot (I burnt my tongue), bitter and milk just sat on-top of the coffee, there was no nice silky gradient.  They clearly don’t have a passion about coffee in this café but they do have a passion about cakes and this does go some way in alleviating the disappointment.  I would suggest ordering tea.

The decor is lovely with nice chunky wooden tables and chairs and it’s a very relaxing place to settle down.  When it’s quiet, this café has table service, and when busy it’s best to order at the counter.  If you fancy doing some work, they have large tables and they also have free wifi.  One of the best things about this place though, is the large window facing onto the Royal mile.  You can sit with your cup of tea, and enjoy the people watching from this prime spot.  After your break you can check out their bookshop and any displays they have on.  I’d say this place is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.


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