Artisan Roast, Broughton Street

9 Dec

Score: 5/5

Best Coffee in Town

Price: Cappuccino £1.50; Hot Chocolate £2.00; Tea £2.00

Don’t let this coffee shop’s facade fool you.  It may not at first strike you as the high quality establishment it is, but go in, order a coffee and prepare to be amazed.  Here they roast their own coffee, and all the baristas are passionate about their art and could talk for hours about the coffee they make.  They supply many of the cafés and restaurants in and around Edinburgh and have a well deserved reputation for serving the best coffee in the city.  It is also the cheapest.  There seems to be a trend for good coffee costing less which is a little bizarre but there you have it.  If you really loved it, you can even buy your own coffee here and take back home the Artisan Roast experience.  I’m thinking this might make a good christmas present.

If you are not a fan of coffee, don’t worry – either you will be converted or you can have an amazing hot chocolate or delicious cup of tea.  I know someone who actually refers to Artisan Roast as the Hot Chocolate Shop he likes the hot chocolate there so much.  The white chocolate with lavender in particular is to be recommended.

The interior is cozy and the walls are covered in old hessian sacks making it feel very homey.  All this is topped off with excellent background music.

Had this coffee shop been open when JK Rowling was still writing in cafés, I’m sure she would have regularly frequented Artisan Roast.

Artisan Roast on Urbanspoon

Edit: Artisan Roast has been redecorated and looks lovely, though not exactly as you see it in the photos.  Hessian sacks allong that wall have been replaced by a sleek coat of white paint and it looks fresh and lovely, but still maintains it’s cosy feel.


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