Dean Gallery Café

12 Jan

Score: 4/5

Great for: A nice treat after some intense art viewing

Price: Cappuccino £2.35; Tea £1.65; Cake £2.00;

Last weekend I spent a very pleasant afternoon at the Dean Gallery catching the tail end of their “Another World” surrealist exhibition.  It was a great exhibit and if you fancied going, I’m afraid you’ve missed it as Sunday was the last day.  After a good few hours looking at some weird and wonderful works of art, a nice cup of tea was in order and obviously this called for the gallery’s in-house café.

There are two rooms, one with a more traditional café feel, and one dominated by a gigantic sculpture of a robot.  I sat with the robot.  It was amazing.  As you can imagine, being the last weekend of a major exhibition, the gallery and café were very busy but the staff were extremely pleasant.  Once your name was taken, you were free to browse the Gallery’s Shop and they came to find you when a table became available.  Since it was nearing the end of a very busy day, unfortunately all the best cakes had gone.  In the end I chose a ginger and oat slice which was more fudgey than gingery with not a whole lot of oat.  It was nice, just not what I had expected.  The tea (I had an Earl Grey) was delicious so no complaints there.

Overall, this is a lovely venue to round off a trip to any exhibition, but try to get there before 4pm if you want a decent cake selection.


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