Empire Café, Marchmont Road

1 Mar

Score: 3/5

Great For: Basking in late morning sunshine

Prices: Cappuccino £1.70; Tea £1.50; Cake £1.00-£2.90

Empire café is a great little place for taking a break and enjoying these wonderful sunshiny days.  It is perhaps a little premature for sitting outside (though it is nice to have the option) but there is space to sit inside, if only for 12 (it’s only small).  They have a lovely, if slightly too high, coffee bar along their south-facing window which allows you to make the most of the rays.  With the large windows, there is a light and airy feel to this café giving it a very relaxed atmosphere.

There is a great selection of cakes and I had a most delicious almond and pear tart when I was there.  It was very difficult to choose, they all looked yummy.  Their coffee however wasn’t great.

On the whole I think this is a charming little place and perfect for a lazy morning.  Sitting here with a cup of tea and a croissant on a Sunday morning with a newspaper would be bliss.  Give it a go sometime.



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