The Elephant House, George IV Bridge

18 Jun

Score: 3/5

Best for: Taking visitors

Price: average

The Elephant Coffee House’s prides itself on being the birth place of Harry Potter, and they certainly milk it for all it’s worth.  As such it is constantly full of tourists, not that that’s a bad thing, it is what it is, but you’re not going to get a particularly local vibe here.  This also makes it very busy at weekends so don’t be surprised if you end up sharing a table.

Inside it has a very colonial feel, what with all the elephants etc. and with the high ceilings, large windows and beautiful plants everywhere it has a light, airy and relaxed atmosphere.  You can expect to find patrons reading newspapers or novels, or working away at computers with the large tables and copious light.  During term time it is full of students working midweek, making the most of the large tables.  This café really comes into its own in winter when it’s lovely and cosy and warm and you can look out of those big windows towards the castle taking on the grizzly weather.  And there is a superb view of the castle if you get the right seat.

The food here is not great, and the coffee very average.  I guess being constantly full puts the pressure off high standards in that department, and for that reason I’m not so keen on The Elephant Coffee House.  Having said that it is a nice place to take a visitor to the city, especially if you can get a seat with a view.

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