Balcony Café, National Museum of Scotland

12 Nov

Score: 4/5

Prices: Average (tea/coffe and cake for under £5)

Best For: Relaxing after taking a stroll around the museum

I’ll admit that it was very close to closing time when I got to this café, hence the tea in a cardboard cup (usually you would have a china cup and tea-pot) and the slightly sad-looking piece of cake.  I have therefore been generous with my score because I think this café would usually be much nicer than my experience of it.  There was very little cake left, and crumbs all over the place which didn’t make it seem all that inviting but it was delicious (orange cake – yummy) and I’m sure they were just sold out because the other cakes were equally good.  They have a wide selection of loose teas, I had ginger and camomile.  The set up of the café is also lovely, on a balcony (as the name would suggest) and beautiful and bright.  You can people watch to your heart’s content and soak in the precious light.  It’s a lovely place to stop for a minute when you actually at the museum, but I don’t think I’d make a special trip just to go to the café.


2 Responses to “Balcony Café, National Museum of Scotland”

  1. Stu November 14, 2011 at 9:18 AM #

    I agree that it’s a lovely location and great for people watching etc. but I seem to remember it seeming overpriced, are you sure about coffee and cake for under £5? I also feel a little nostalgic for the cafe in its previous, more expansive, location on the ground floor. It feels a little cramped on the balcony.

  2. Bill Taylor February 16, 2012 at 3:47 PM #

    You received a cup of tea in a cardboard cup! That is not right, just because you came in nearer the closing time, I wouldn’t put up with that. I think you’ve been too generous in your misguided praise, sounds like you’ve been treated shoddily in my opinion. I would demand a china cup and a fresh slice of cake not that lumpen, stiff looking pastry. 2 out 10

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