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Cyclist’s Nightmare

3 Mar

This may not look like much in a photo, but believe me when I say that this hill feels like it lasts forever for the humble cyclist.


Another Rainy Night

9 Feb

Leaky Pipe on the Royal Mile

5 Feb

The weather has been miserable lately.  The combination of water spewing out of this pipe and a strong wind had the effect of creating a curtain of water in front of the close I wanted to go down.  It was definitely a low point in my journey home.

Full Moon over St Giles’ Cathedral

19 Jan

The moon was stunning this evening – did you see it?

The Big Wheel

18 Dec

Princes Street Carousel

11 Dec

As seen from the Valvona & Crolla Café in the food hall at Jenners.  See, I told you they had a great view at Christmas time!

Christmas Lights, Princes Street Gardens

10 Dec

November Pavements

21 Nov

The Bank of Scotland at night

6 Nov

Thank goodness they light up the pretty, if it must be so dark in Edinburgh.