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Autumn Sunset

1 Nov

You’ve got to love this time of year for the beautiful sunsets, even if it does mean that the long dark winter is looming.  I needn’t worry too much about it this year as I’m off to the southern hemisphere for a month – whoop!

I just wanted to say that I’m sorry blogging has been a little slow recently, I’ve entered my final year of studies and work has rather cranked up leaving me little time for extracurricular activities…  I have occasionally been getting out and about however, and have a couple of newly reviewed café’s to post and will try to get these up before I leave.  I have been neglecting my little blog and I cannot let this continue!


Waverley Works

11 Mar

Isn’t that a nice, bright uniform?  I think I am probably going to be gone by the time Waverley Station is finished, but it’s going to look so good when it’s done.  How exciting.

Sunset over Princes Street

3 Nov

St Andrew’s & St George’s Church

28 Oct