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Summer Rain

19 Jul


View from Arthur’s Seat on a Rainy Day

2 Jun

Whilst these may not have been the most pleasant conditions in which to climb Arthur’s Seat it certainly did provide some atmospheric views.  Edinburgh Castle looked very mysterious and the Cockenzie Power Station rather eerie.

Another Rainy Night

9 Feb

Leaky Pipe on the Royal Mile

5 Feb

The weather has been miserable lately.  The combination of water spewing out of this pipe and a strong wind had the effect of creating a curtain of water in front of the close I wanted to go down.  It was definitely a low point in my journey home.

Grey Day

22 Nov

Bring on some sunshine, this is miserable.

November Pavements

21 Nov

Early evening in Princes Street Gardens

12 Nov

Edinburgh Rain

29 Oct

Last night I ended up walking for 40 minutes it the rain which was less than pleasant.  On the upside, it did make the cobbles and tarmac considerably more beautiful than normal.