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Day Trip: Holy Island of Lindisfarne

28 Jun

If you have a car, and you fancy a quick trip across the border, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a great place to go for a day trip.  There is a beautiful castle, a ruined abbey, cute little village and plenty of rock pooling action if that’s what you’re into.  If you catch it on a nice day it is just stunning and well worth a visit.  Also great for bird watchers, though I won’t promise the birds of prey I got to see when I was there.


A sunny evening at the Meadows

3 Jun

Empire Café, Marchmont Road

1 Mar

Score: 3/5

Great For: Basking in late morning sunshine

Prices: Cappuccino £1.70; Tea £1.50; Cake £1.00-£2.90

Empire café is a great little place for taking a break and enjoying these wonderful sunshiny days.  It is perhaps a little premature for sitting outside (though it is nice to have the option) but there is space to sit inside, if only for 12 (it’s only small).  They have a lovely, if slightly too high, coffee bar along their south-facing window which allows you to make the most of the rays.  With the large windows, there is a light and airy feel to this café giving it a very relaxed atmosphere.

There is a great selection of cakes and I had a most delicious almond and pear tart when I was there.  It was very difficult to choose, they all looked yummy.  Their coffee however wasn’t great.

On the whole I think this is a charming little place and perfect for a lazy morning.  Sitting here with a cup of tea and a croissant on a Sunday morning with a newspaper would be bliss.  Give it a go sometime.


Early Morning Sunshine, McEwan Hall

10 Feb

Woohoo!  Sunshine.  It’s been so long.

Sunshine in the Botanical Gardens

21 Jan

Broughton St. Mary’s Parish Church

18 Jan

Dean Gallery Stairwell

11 Jan

Scott Monument in the Sunshine

8 Jan

Governor’s House, Calton Hill

17 Nov

Victoria Street

15 Nov

Another great spot for some fantastic independent shops.

Prince’s Street Gardens: Autumn Sunshine

25 Oct