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Top Tip: Armstrongs

16 Nov


There are several of these vintage shops in and around Edinburgh, the largest of which can be found on Grassmarket.  They are wonderful treasure troves and you can find almost anything amongst their displays.  Their selection of cashmere jumpers is excellent and particularly useful at this time of year when it’s getting cold and you want to find something truly warm that doesn’t cost the earth.

The only downside is that all their truly stunning dresses, dresses you wouldn’t mind really paying for, are not for sale.  Apparently it’s because they’re too expensive.  I’d like the be the judge of that, thank you.  I guess they just don’t want people trying them on all the time and they do look beautiful hanging up.  They do, however, serve to make the dresses that are actually for sale a little less interesting.

I’m thinking of buying myself a sporon to wear as purse when I leave Scotland.  Something to remember Edinburgh by.  If I do, Armstrongs is where I shall head.