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Roof Terrace, Scottish National Gallery

9 Nov

Edinburgh is a fantastic city for views, but I think the roof terrace at the National Museum of Scotland offers a unique opportunity to see the city at roof-top height.  Most of the time, when you look out at a view of Edinburgh, you are looking down at the city, here you are looking across the chimney pots and towards the spires.  It is simply beautiful.  The roof terrace is not exactly easy to find however, so you really have to be searching for it.  It makes a fun game though.  First one to the roof terrace wins!


Le Café Royale, Royal Mile

7 Feb

Score: 3/5

Good For: Escaping Royal Mile Madness/A nice pick-me-up on a rainy day

Price: Cappuccino, £2.20

If you pick the right spot there is a delightful view of Calton Hill from this café.  This is just perfect if you are in need of an escape from the rain and just want to sit down and relax with a book and a coffee.  The large windows make sure that this north facing cafe is always filled with light and there is a very pleasant atmosphere inside, with bare stone walls covered in beautiful prints of Edinburgh.  The only downside is that the table with the best view also has a large panel of menus stuck to the window, slightly obscuring the view once you’re sitting down.  You have to sit up very straight to take it in, so I guess it’s good for your posture!

As for the coffee, I have no complaints though it didn’t blow me away.  I’m afraid I didn’t have any cake here, though I hear they do a good apple pie.

All in all, a nice little place with a light and relaxed air.  The only thing that puzzles me is the French name.  I don’t feel like this place exudes a French atmosphere and they don’t sell particularly French products so it just seems bizarre to give it a foreign name.  So, francophiles take note.  I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed by entering under false pretences.

Happy New Year!

6 Jan

A little belated I know, but I am now back in Edinburgh after a little Christmas hiatus.  I am very excited about getting back into the swing of things in Edinburgh, getting some great shots of the city, exploring more cafés and of course eating cake.  Yum.  Here is a snap taken from the Castle in Edinburgh, beautiful wintry weather.  I’m afraid I didn’t review this cafe, having paid the earth to get into the Castle I rather objected to spending even more once inside.  Sorry about that.

Another little piece of news: one of my photos made it into the COLLECTIVE 5!  Can you guess which one?

I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas and have a great 2011.